Gaming Party Shop


Gaming Party Shop is a London-based online shop, selling game-themed accessories, clothing and decorations.Logo created a brand pattern using confetti from the top part of the to decorate brand identity items.The main task had when designing a logo was to tranfer such brand attributes as “emotionality” and “postivism” in grapihc images.The sign align easily recognizable pictograms of gamepad buttons as a symbol of the first part of company’s name -“Gaming” ,confetti as an image symbolizing the second part-“Party”,and a gift pack that refers to the third one-“Shop”.Circe Font,combined with the sign elements in both proportion and plastic solutions,was chosen as the basic text font to provide visual support.General design adds stability to the logo,balancing its dynamic,uprising left part with clear and calm right part.The shop sells a wide number of items for games and parties.In order to maintain the main brand message,chose festive and bright brand colors.

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Designer Bio

Designer Name : Logo machine

Country : Russia

About : Logomachine service that provides affordable identity design all around the world. For the price of a freelance work you will get the quality of a design studio.