Noctuam Logo

00 Logo for production .

Logo Krischke

00 Logo for Bespoke leather go


00 Flame Logo – Sizzle F

Anchor Tree Logo

00 A very beautiful and clear

Logo for Dark Horse Coffee Co.

00 This is a new coffee compan

Logo for furniture design studio BURO

00 The idea was to create some

IndustryTafelpoot Logo

00 Logo design for the factory

Force Field Glass

00 Concept logo for Force Fiel

Greindus Logo

00 Logo created for industrial

Bee Brand Assets

00 A few more brand assets to


00 A very elegant and clear lo

Plasturgica Swiss

00 Logo for Plastic Upcycling

Dmsb Logo

00 The Symbols in the Emblem i


00 A simple sign, assembled fr


00 Tvorsad (rework) Corporate

UX Ghent logo animation

00 Logo created for a meetup g

MOLCHEM logo animation

00 Easy logo animation for new

Inti Provisions

00 Logo for a new food company

Otto Logo

00 Logo for Otto for a fashion

Baviello Investment Management Logo

00 The Identity Story”Ba

FurnitureFix Logo

00 Furniture logo design of a


00 Logo is simple, clever, bol


00 Logo for Digital company he

Skill To Lead

00 Logo for a company that lea


00 Logo for a corporate logo.


00 Logo for company who make a


00 Logo for honey manufacturin

Triple S Brewing

00 Logo for brewery’s.

Industrial / Organic Logo

00 The final logo for organic

Summit Cranes

00 Logo design for company Sum

The X Show

00 Radio show logo.

Office Robot

00 A logo created but unused a