FROZ ice cream factory2

00 Logo for FROZ ice cream fac


00 Flame Logo – Sizzle F

Anchor Tree Logo

00 A very beautiful and clear

Ublane Logo – Pop up stores platform

00 This is a logo made for a p

Coco rico

00 A Logo concept for chicken

Green Bush

00 Logo for Flower Shop.

Terekhov Honey

00 Logo for Honey producer.

Ylle logo

00 Concept logo for company Yl

Hush hush little baby

00 Logo for Newborn baby care


00 Clock logo


00 Logo for Fashion company sp

Naturally Salvaje Logo

00 Logo for Jar Label for prod

Event Center Logo

00 AREJ’S Events is an e

Pig Barber Logo

00 Logo for a rad shop in Cost

Harvey Web Solutions Logo

00 New logo for my new busines

Marcela Thornburg

00 This Premade logo would be

Dress Code

00 Sample logo for clothing co

Petshop Zverinus

00 Logo design for online pet

Jack’s Package Store

00 Logo created for a signage

Coffee Place

00 Logo for a new cafe, used a

2016 Retreat

00 Logo concept of It’s

Guitar Planet

00 Concept of logo for guitar


00 Logo for a business. A Perf

SoCha Box logo

00 Logo concepts for SoCha Box

Paul & Rimbaud logo

00 Logo for a brand new café


00 Schwarzwalder is a family p

Novus Numerus Logo

00 Logo for audit brand. Seeki


00 Personal service (hence Con

RHD Final

00 A elegant creative rose hou


00 A vintage logo clean and el

Mali Shoes

00 Mali Shoes is an albanian c

Letter A & M

00 Identity Branding Letter A

Craft brewery logo

00 Illustrated hop (freehand s

Buchaholic_Exotic Thai Tea With Alcohol – Logo design

00 A specially prepared tea to


00 The letter “C”


00 Logo for a vintage design s


00 The letter “C”

Mata Fuego

00 Logo for Mata Fuego. Experi


00 Logo for a company that sel

Mlily graphic

00 Logo for premium mattresses

Notion MFG

00 Logo for a new company spec

Tornado Recycling

00 On behalf of B2 Communicati

Woodman (barber shop)

00 The designer has created Wo


00 The designer has created a


00 Logo created for a company

Etlon Coffee

00 Line cup for a local cafe n


00 Logo is simple, clever, bol


00 Logo for vipeshop called &#


00 Logotype for mobile platfor


00 “Jungle” is a f

Gamification Now!

00 “GamificationNow̶


00 “Rostok” is rus

Postele Havlas

00 Logo for Postele Havlas com

Splash Beauty

00 The Beauty logo has used el


00 Logotype concept for an Eco

Marta One

00 Marta One, cool artist,make

Coffee Landia

00 Lettering done for an onlin

Owl Gadgets

00 Technical owl for a company

Gaming Party Shop

00 Gaming Party Shop is a Lond

Truso Armory

00 “Truso Armory”

Chloris Home&Garden

00 Logo is made of using paste

Underground Selection

00 Logo for broadcast on Megap


00 This logo created for resta

Catering Wagon

00 Logo created for a business


00 Logo for okfrog,Specialize

Midnight Mechanics

00 Logo for midnight mechanics

A-Z / O for Originator Studio

00 Logo for production studio.

Uncle Electro

00 Meet Uncle Electro. Created

Ideal Bouquet

00 Lettering logotype that don

Joiner’s Studio

00 Logo for carpentry Atelier,

Bioguy Logo

00 Logo rework for a company t

Bon Vie Mineral Water Logo

00 Custom logotype proposal fo

Bee & Bloom

00 Bee & Bloom is a bee ke

Office Jobs

00 Logo for office jobs.

My Diamond Club

00 Logo for a diamond distribu

Ulala Chef

00 Logo for Ulala Chef.

Brick Construction Worker Mascot

00 GIF animation for a stucco

Youngroots-Advanced Learning Center For Children

00 Young Roots is a registered

Infinity Dragons Logo

00 Infinity Dragon can be foun

Carrot-Blogging Agency

00 Carrot blogging agency logo


00 Logo for honey manufacturin

Berojgar Adda

00 Identity design for a job p

Huhbub Ident

00 The logo had to capture the


00 Logo for dry cleaning and w

Essence Trading Company

00 Logo for Essence Trading Co

Paralix Oil Logo

00 Logo for an oil trading and

Kadir’s Barber

00 the vintage logo elements w

Sibly Jewellery

00 Logo for a handmade premium

Ornament Boutique Logo

00 Boutique logo concept.

Goldwater Brewing Co. Logo

00 Logo for Goldwater Brewing


00 Logo for “Monoku̶

Floral C Green Yellow

00 Letter C in cactus illustra

Cavalcade option

00 Local live theater and musi

Trucking Files

00 Files delivering and archiv

Edgx Branding

00 Client wanted a bold and ed

Ecolux / profitable light

00 Logo loft chandelier for Ho


00 Azaria is a small family bu

Dangerous Man Brewing Co. logo

00 Dangerous Man Brewing Co. l

Home barber

00 Logo design for barber

Sticker Countrip

00 Start-up from Saint Petersb


00 Logo concept for creative s


00 Logo Design for Booknack, T

Designer Adventure Club

00 The final Designer Adventur

Gentlemen Vineyards

00 Gentlemen Vineyards Logo

House Paint Logotype

00 This company specializes in

Sevcon – Oil & Gas

00 Developing an identity for


00 Logo re-branding for local

Chimaera Logo

00 Logo proposal for CHIMAERA.

Business Class

00 Paper plane + Tie = Busines

Tango fragrances logo

00 Tango fragrances logo.

Mountain Drift Photography Logo

00 Mountain Drift Photography

Fly Logo

00 FLY Logo Design

Rhino Logo

00 Business Logo


00 FLOODZONE is a online cloth


00 A logo for a document manag

The 104 Club

00 Black tie, gold foil. This


00 OWLE Logo


00 Logo mark for

Bube Software Services Logo

00 Logo for a software company

Repetitor Logo


Hotel New Yorker Logo

00 Hotel logo

TrustLoans Logo


Pedalworks Logo

00 Business Logo

Attach Logo Design

00 Attach Logo Design

Sello Logo Animation

00 Here is a little loop only

Parrot Logo

00 Using basic shapes to come

Firecraft Artisan Pizza Logo

00 I just wrapped up this logo

Billfold Logo

00 Logo design done for new pr

Forest House

00 Logo for a small B&B in

dans’ Logo

00 Logo Design for Cergy Danse

Hyperion Performance Technologies Logo

00 Logo for an IT services and

Logo Design “Handmade Moldova”

00 The logo is very intuitive,

Make Everything Logo

00 Logo exploration for Make E

Hairsome Logo

00 Logo for, hair